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: February 2014
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Howdy everyone! SimGuruHydra here – I've been with  The Sims  Team for  more than five years hanging out with the community on forums and  My Page  ! Another year, another bladder failure, another Klepto Sim stealing the toilet, another Bella Goth sighting. 

As our 14th Anniversary closes in, we're kicking off Flashback February! Think of our Throwback Thursday posts on Twitter or Facebook – except this time it's twice a week. And it's not just posts from us – we're inviting all Simmers to share their favourite memories!

One of my favourite memories of playing  The Sims  games was when I had this ambitious idea of turning the entire neighbourhood in  The Sims  into a graveyard. Normally, I’m more of a nurturing kind of player with a motherlode (or in  The Sims  case – rosebud) trigger finger. Only the best for my Sims! Then I ran into a site where a player documented his Sims' deaths. The rest was history. 

Some lots would be cemeteries, some would be mausoleums filled with urns and medieval décor. I didn't fill out the whole neighbourhood, but let's just say many of my Sims saw Grimmy back then. 

(Re-creation from SimGuruHydra's  The Sims  game)

What was your favourite memory with  The Sims  games? Was it the first time you jumped when a burglar came tip-toeing into your home? Maybe it was when one of your Sims reached Permanent Platinum in  The Sims 2  without using cheats when achieving their Lifetime Want! 


Could your favourite memory be playing a younger Mrs. Crumplebottom?  Or if you're a family-oriented player, was it the first time your family had triplets in  The Sims 3  ?

Did you discover your Simming destiny when you built your first home? Or did you laugh a little too much the first time your Sims met their maker when you trapped them in a door less room? 

Maybe your favourite memories take place outside of the game. Did you keep a sketchbook with doodles of future lots you’d like to build or family trees planned out? Perhaps you boast an impressive collection of copies of  The Sims  throughout the years – packs neatly stacked, from  The Sims  ,  The Sims 2  ,  The Sims 3  , The Sims Stories  , and maybe a few of the console games! And why wouldn't you show off a collection that's given years of time-killing fun?

We've only glossed the surface with memories from  The Sims  . It's a lot of fun looking back, don't you think? What better time to share these Simming memories than through Flashback February? We're calling it our  14th Anniversary Flashback February  – say that 10 times fast!

While we celebrate another year of  The Sims  , we also like to look back at the moments that made us laugh, surprised, and become inspired. We know you have your own favourite Simming memories – and we want to see them! Around the Simosphere, we'll be calling for these flashbacks of yours – keep an eye on our channels to see how you can share your favourite moments and collections of  The Sims  :

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