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: April 2013
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Check out what SimGuruTing has to say about the new Expansion Pack, The Sims 3 Island Paradise! 

Hi There! 

I’m SimGuruTing, one of the Assistant Producers on The Sims 3 team currently working on the next expansion pack, The Sims 3 Island Paradise.  

Those of us working on the game can't wait to let you guys get your hands on our new expansion pack. With new activities for Sims to do along the coastline and in the sea, The Sims 3 Island Paradise is full of features surrounding the idea of the island lifestyle. Here's a bit of a sneak peek of what you can expect in this upcoming pack!

The beach has been integrated in order to accommodate a new coastal life of relaxation. Sims can lounge around on beach towels and enjoy the sun while relaxing by the sea. When it's time be more energetic, Sims can play in the ocean, splash around in the water and splash each other! Treasure seekers can snorkel in the water, too, and may discover unique items that were once lost. 

Also new to the beach is the Lifeguard Career. Lifeguards are the sworn protectors of the beaches they watch over. While on duty, a Lifeguard's job is to survey the beach for any swimming Sims in need of assistance. When a Sim is struggling at sea, the Lifeguard races to the rescue, helping drowning Sims back to shore and performing CPR if needed. However, not all alerts are real emergencies; some Sims may be inclined to "fake it" in order to get some one-on-one time with the Lifeguard on duty. But I've never heard the Lifeguard complain – it is quite the admired role. 

By far, my favourite new feature is the ability to scuba dive! The ocean is no longer just for travelling across, now Sims can dive below! The Sims 3 Island Paradise Expansion Pack comes with a world that has exclusive dive spots. Sims with the new scuba diving skill can visit and explore the underwater surroundings where there is lots to discover. Each dive spot is rich in beautiful sea life, from the many corals and kelps that grow from the ocean floor to the fish that you can catch! But watch out for those sharks! I hear they bite and can be pretty nasty about it, too.

In addition to the rich sea life, hidden away in many dive lots are treasure chests and underwater caves where many surprises await! What will a scuba divers' scavenging reveal? Unique treasures? An uncharted island? Or an encounter with a mysterious monster?

And this is only a portion of what you can expect with this new expansion pack! We can’t wait to read about your Sims’ adventures above and under the sea when The Sims 3 Island Paradise comes out this June! 

Thanks for reading!

Posted by: SimGuruFooLiz

Check out what Designer Alan Copeland has to say about how (and why) he designed the all-new premium content set:  Country Livin’.  Don’t forget to pick up the Country Livin’ Set from The Sims 3 Store on April 5, 2013. 

While I enjoy designing all of the different premium content for The Sims 3 Store, I have a special place in my heart for any object that we can add some of that classic Sims humor into.  This is just one of the reasons I’m particularly excited about our latest set, Country Livin’, which includes the Fowl and Feathers Chicken Coop!  

Finally eggs don’t just grow on plants anymore.  Not only can you get basic eggs every morning, but you can also collect rare exotic eggs that give your Sim a boost to fun and the new Egg-static moodlet!   Want more opportunities to collect eggs?    Just remember to feed your chickens and you’ll also get an additional egg harvest in the evening.  

Something you might not know about Sims chickens is that they are great conversationalists.  If it’s getting a little lonely down on the farm, go talk to your chicken about important things like why they cross the road.  If you’re lucky, your Sim might get some Universal Enlightenment (new moodlet!)  

But if you’re not so lucky, you may run into Charles the Evil Chicken.  Charles is kinda a jerk.  He’ll sometimes come out to argue with your Sim or fling an insult or two about your Sims lineage.  Keep arguing and your Sim might have to teach him a thing or two about who rules the roost in a chicken fight.

If matching wits with the Evil Chicken scares your Sim away from collecting eggs for a couple of days, the eggs might just hatch into baby chicks!  Your Sim can get plenty of fun and social from playing with these cute and cuddly little guys, not to mention the new Chick Magnet moodlet.  

However, there is so much more to this set than just the Fowl and Feathers Chicken Coop.   There are some great new décor objects that can make any home have that extra touch of country.  

And let’s not forget about the new outfits!  This set has some awesome new clothing for toddlers, children, young adults, adults and ELDERS!  How charming are these folks?

Hope you like what you see in the new Country Livin’ Set. Make sure to pick up on the Sims 3 Store when it comes out on April 5, 2013. 

Posted by: SimGuruFooLiz