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: May 2013
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Check out what Designer Alan Copeland has to say aboutthe Baby Dragons he created for The Sims 3 Dragon Valley! For more informationabout The Sims 3 Dragon Valley, and the Red Baby Dragon, click here

The Sims has such arich history of cool content that I’m sure I’m not the only person who’s sataround dreaming of my favorite items from a previous Sims edition that I’d liketo see make an appearance in The Sims 3. BabyDragons are one of those things that I’ve wanted to see since my first day on TheSims 3 Store team. 

I loved how you could influencethe temperament of your Baby Dragon in Makin Magic by how you treatedthe Dragon Egg, and I wanted to keep the flavor of that while reimagining itfor TheSims 3. So depending on how youtalk to your egg, you can impact the chance of that egg hatching into one of avariety of different colored dragons, each with its own temperament,personality, moodlets and powers!

Over the next few weeks, I’ll be going overeach of these little beasties in detail, but today I want to focus on the onethat made the biggest impact during The Sims Live Broadcast in Dragon Valleyteaser trailer, the Red Baby Dragon.

Red Baby Dragons pull theirpowers from fire and their personality reflects that, being impulsive and fullof energy. They are the most physical and quick-tempered of all of the BabyDragons. Much more of a chaotic troublemaker than evil in any way, RedBaby Dragons are great to have by your Sims side if you want to torment otherSims. Each Baby Dragon has a special Summon ability, so it’s no surprisethat the Red Baby Dragon cansummon a fireball attack that will leave yourenemies Dragon Singed or smite your adversaries with Fiery Torment.

Each Baby Dragon is born withancient wisdoms and your Sim can increase skills by talking about those thingsthat interest them. For example, talking to a Red Baby Dragon will giveyour Sim insight into the Athletic skill. 

Also, there are benefits just tohaving a Baby Dragon around. With the Red Baby Dragon, your Sim will getthe Mark of the Red Dragon moodlet that lingers even after you’ve put them downor tucked the dragon in your inventory. The Mark of the Red Dragon helpswith Energy and Hygiene, making it amazingly beneficial for working out longer.

There’s a bunch of funinteractions that all of the dragons share, and we’ll discuss all of those inthe coming weeks, but the first one (and perhaps the most important) is namingyour dragon. Naming your dragon creates a bond between the Sim and theowner. It keeps other Sims that are not in yourhousehold from wandering off with them. Oncethat bond is formed, Baby Dragons are content hanging out on your shoulder oraround your home.

I’ll be back next week todiscuss the next Baby Dragon, but in the meantime, contact me on Twitter at @SimGuruCopeland with all of your Red Baby Dragon questions.  

-      Alan Copeland